TASTING: PPS Origini ‘Barbados’

In cooperation with RumExchange I will be bringing you several rum tasting notes. The first one is the BARBADOS 2006 of the PPS (Pellegrini Private Stock) ORIGINI bottlings.

Pellegrini S.p.A. are independent bottlers from Italy, which have released several expressions under the name ‘ORIGINI‘. The name refers to single cask and single origin rums; unadulterated products (no caramel, no sugar), bottled at Cask Strength. In this first review we’re dealing with the PPS ORIGINI BARBADOS 2006, bottled in November 2017.

– Distillery: Foursquare (Barbados)
– Type: Molasses, -, –
– Aged: 2006 – 2017 (11 years)
– ABV: 55,5% (cask strength)
– Price: €75-80 for 70cl

Personal tasting notes, written on 5 May 2018:
View: A vibrant golden color, semi long legs alongside the glass.

Nose: Buttery, ripe banana and spicy honey

Palate: Heated baking spices turning into soft orange rinds, hint of roasted banana and chili chocolate. Touch of salted caramel after a drop of water is added.

Finish: Light cloves, faint notes of bark, sundried fruit (raisins), medium to long finish

A well performing, rather smooth expression. Does it scream Foursquare or Barbados? No, but it has a nice evolution from nose to finish. Honest pricing.


Sample provided by Andreas Isopp. Though the fact it was a given sample did not affect my personal opinion in any way.

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