REVIEW: AuRhum ‘Clarity’

In cooperation with RumExchange I am bringing you a selection of rum tasting notes. Today’s feature is the brand new AuRhum ‘Clarity’.

AuRhum are independent bottlers from Denmark, a brand founded by two friends: Lindy and Alexander. They have released their first two bottlings in the first half of 2018 under the names ‘Clarity‘ and ‘Transparency‘. The first will be discussed today, the latter will follow soon.

Clarity is an expression from Guyana, AuRhum tells they aren’t authorized to tell which distillery it’s from, but since there’s only one left in Guyana, it’s not hard to find out which one. The more important question would be to know which stills were used to create the blend. A little bit of research says Port Mourant (wooden double pot still) and Enmore (wooden column still), but this is unconfirmed, all we know it’s indeed a blend of pot and column, as said on their label.

– Distillery: unspecified, Guyana (but we all know what that means…)
– Type: Molasses, blend of Pot and Column, Ex-Bourbon
– Aged: 2-5 years, 100% Tropical
– ABV: 57%
– Price: €64 for 50cl bottle

Personal tasting notes, written on 10 June 2018:
View: Darker shade of gold, the team of AuRhum adds on the label that E150 is added.

Nose: Butterscotch, creamy caramel, a touch of wood and banana.

Palate: A confirmation of the nose: Slightly more fruity (next to banana I think of bitter orange rinds) and darker, luscious caramel, some allspice in the back, though the wood seems to have disappeared. A bit rough around the edges.

Finish: Dry on the lips, heated in the back of my mouth, yet pretty short, the butterscotch from the nose returns..

While you can taste the potential in this blend, I do think it could have benefitted from some longer aging. It’s as if all flavors are ready to explode, yet just don’t get there. A huge plus is the label, which shows all the info we’re looking for as Rum enthusiasts. I definitely applaud this type of clarity and transparency. (pun intended 😉 ).

AuRhum shows they know which direction to go and definitely have the right mindset, but have some distance to cover before they’ll meet the standards more experienced Rum enthousiasts are looking for at this point. More and more quality rums (even at cask strength) are available at equally interesting prices these days, which makes the market quite competitive. A nice extra though: With the sales of all AuRhum bottles, 5% of their profits are donated to Veteran Work in Denmark.


Sample provided by Andreas Isopp. Though the fact it was a given sample did not affect my personal opinion in any way.

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