REVIEW: AuRhum ‘Transparency’

In cooperation with RumExchange I am bringing you a selection of rum tasting notes. Today’s feature is the brand new AuRhum ‘Clarity’.

AuRhum are independent bottlers from Denmark, a brand founded by two friends: Lindy and Alexander. They have released their first two bottlings in the first half of 2018 under the names ‘Clarity‘ and ‘Transparency‘. Read more about Clarity here. Today I’m discussing Transparency, which was their first bottling ever, a mere couple of months ago.

Transparency is a 46% ABV expression distilled and aged in Barbados at Foursquare. The latter needs no introduction at all, as every active Rum-lover is allover Richard Seale’s bottlings, whether they’re under the brand R.L. Seale’s, Doorly’s or the Exceptional Cask series, with the 2005, Dominus and Premise recently released. Transparency is an 8-year old Rum (with 8 years being the youngest in the blend), aged 100% in the tropics, with no additives added (except for water to bring it down to 46%). It’s a blend of Pot and Column still rums, classic for Barbados Rum.

– Distillery: Foursquare, Barbados
– Type: Molasses, blend of Pot and Column, Ex-Bourbon
– Aged: 8years (min), 100% Tropical
– ABV: 46%
– Price: €57 for 50cl bottle

Personal tasting notes, written on 14 June 2018:
View: Light golden hue.

Nose: Rich! There’s Coconut oil, a slight whiff of pineapple in the back, typical Bourbon-cask vanilla, molasses.

Palate: Not as vivid as I had expected. Peachy, toasted coconut, no pineapple or buttery feeling here. A touch of sweetness, balancing between vanilla and honey arises.

Finish: Dry. Slightest sweet lingering of charred wood. Pretty short.

After trying the ‘Transparency’ I’m left with the same issue I had when testing the ‘Clarity’ a couple of days ago: There’s huge potential, and normally an 8 year old Foursquare never really disappoints, but in this case I feel it hasn’t reached its full potential. While I think it’s awesome that they want to deliver quality (and I agree that a good bottle doesn’t have to cost $150-300), I also think that there are better Bajan rums to be found at the price they’re looking for.


Sample provided by Andreas Isopp. Though the fact it was a given sample did not affect my personal opinion in any way.

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