RECIPES: Drinks of the Week (39)

This week I’ve posted a diverse range of drinks, quite some difference in base spirits, from working with Agave (which I don’t often use), to Cane Sugar and Rye! There was a drink contest held with Infamous and one of the drinks won 3rd place in the Home Bar Awards. Enjoy this week’s #Drinkspiration!


Monday: Pure Herbs Margarita
A Served By Soberon original, all about clean and herbal flavors. Tequila Ocho Joven combined with the amazing North Sea botanical liqueur: ‘Hierbas de las Dunas’. Some edible gold dust to make this a million dollar drink.

Tuesday: Paid His Dues
A Served By Soberon version of a drink by @BittersAndTwists, combining a beautiful full bodied white rum with a solid Amaro. This drink won 3d place in the September challenge of the Home Bar Awards!

Wednesday: Unnamed Drink CONTEST
A Served By Soberon and Mix.Mann Original. Harp from Mix.Mann and I got contacted by Kris from Infamous Rum to create a signature serve. Together we got creative and created this Rum and Pineapple tipple. One could win a bottle by coming up with the perfect name for the drink!

Thursday: Mother of Mojitos
A Served By Soberon original. Take what you hate from drinking cheap mojitos and toss those memories in your brains trash can, this is a new and undeniably better version of the classic that so often gets messed up. Made with Tiki Lovers White Rum.

Friday: The Doctor’s Order
A Served By Soberon original, in collaboration with FACTS Convention. For David Tennant’s visit to Belgium for FACTS, I was asked to create the official ‘Doctor Who’ Cocktail. Blue as the Tardis, Using Gin, because they’re both British and inspired by the quote ‘Always bring a Banana to a party, Rose. Bananas are good’.

Saturday: No Drink – Visiting FACTS
No drink, a visit to FACTS itself to create the drink for a girl who had just met the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) as a surprise on her bachelor party. I added the finishing touch by serving her the one and only official cocktail: The Doctor’s Order, which I created (see above)

Sunday: Candle in the Moonlight
A @mythisandthatkitchen original: First part of a new series which I have called ‘Tribute To The Gram’. The others following soon! Inspired by the talent of the online community I recreated seven drinks of which the home bartenders themselves thought it were their best creations.

Disclaimer: All pictures and text (unless noted otherwise) are property of Matthias Soberon / Served By Soberon. Nothing can be used or copied without written permission of the author and the addition of credits.

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