RECIPES: Drinks of the Week (40)

This week was all about giving back. The ‘Drinkstagram’ community is an endless source of inspiration and brings new knowledge and ideas on a daily basis. With #TributeToTheGram I let people send in their own creations they were proud of and in return I chose seven (each with a different base spirit) to reshake. The first one in the series was posted in last week’s DOTW (#39) already.


Monday: It’s Cold Out
A drink by Bram Raes of @and_then_I_had_a_little_drink, combining Calvados with dry Vermouth and Elixir d’Anvers (which I finally opened after 4 years, haha). It was delightfully balanced and beautiful in composition.

Tuesday: Mifune’s Last Song
A drink by Nanda Kampmark of @knkampmark, using Aquavit in combination with Green Chartreuse (my all-time fav. herbal liqueur) and surprisingly, crème de cacao and chocolate bitters. Excitingly different!

Wednesday: Monkey On The Loose
A Served By Soberon original. On Wednesday I interrupted the #TributeToTheGram series for a little special! I got the honor of receiving the new Monkey 47 Distiller’s Cut (2018) and took the opportunity to create a kicking drink with it! Gin, Vermouth, Fino Sherry and Chartreuse Bitters. Just look at the color! It was divine!

Thursday: Pisco Perk
A drink by Lauren McNicol of @McNicolMakes. Pisco as a base spirit (there are so few of them on my feed!) in combination with Limoncello. I finally saw a chance to make something beautiful with my Villa Massa Limoncello, a premium bottling made with only the best Sorrento Lemons. It was vibrant and fresh, yet silky smooth thanks to the use of Orgeat!

Friday: Cargo Cult
A drink by Jay and Leah of @Gastronomcocktails. This cocktail immediately appealed to me due to its backstory. I always get inspired by the craziest stuff like songs, historical happenings and paintings and this one really got me excited. Excitingly complex and delicious, but definitely not for the inexperienced drinker, there’s a LOT going on here.

Saturday: Elder Rosa
A drink by Joel Schwartz of @j_matteo. Joel is from San Fransisco but currently resides in Maui, researching and working on organic agriculture. He’s a bartender by trade but currently can’t mix. So I had the honor of being the first (even before him) to bring his Elder Rosa to life. A sustainable rum drink with a beautiful color!

Sunday: Red Eye Roll
A drink by Matt of @cocktailchap. The name refers to his last day of paternity leave, yet the drink itself screams summer vibes. Barrel Aged Gin truly compliments the well known combination of Grapefruit and Aperol. A little sweet for my taste, but nothing that a little tweaking can’t resolve. Though I can see a lot of people enjoying this tipple. All about personal palates!

Disclaimer: All pictures and text (unless noted otherwise) are property of Matthias Soberon / Served By Soberon. Nothing can be used or copied without written permission of the author and the addition of credits.

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