RECIPES: Spooky Drink Recipes

Are spooky drinks only created during the end of October? For most people it seems like it, but I personally love serving them all year round. (Hence the amount of skulls, bones and chains in my drinks-pictures #SorryNotSorry). Yet since it’s Halloween and all of you are a bit more eerie right now than you are the rest of the year, I took some time to make a small compilation of 6 drinks I made the past year to create a little ‘Spooky Special’ for you all.

Cheers (and if you recreate, have fun)!

Inspired by the Hawaiian God of War, Kū, here’s the Ku-Waha-Ilo, or ‘Ku of the Maggot Dropping Mouth’. Created for the Libbey Glassology Mahaloween Challenge of this year! Rum, more rum, falernum, lemon, a great winter syrup and bitters. The creepy part? Dehydrated Beetroot Powder and an ice-grabber plunged in the skull of the ‘Tiki Split’ Glass!

When Creepy meets Star Wars. For October’s Homebar Awards I created this Tennessee-Whiskey riff on the Negroni, using Martini’s Bitter and Rubino. The Jack Daniels and Tennessee Fire Cinnamon Liqueur added some great spice, a dash of tabasco and activated charcoal finishing it all off. Welcome to the Dark side. (note, activated charcoal might interfere with certain types of medication. Be careful if you’re using any and don’t overdo it)

For those not drinking any alcohol, whether it’s because they don’t want to, can’t or shouldn’t, everyone deserves an awesome drink. Matcha Powder, Tonic, Seedlip Spice, Some Honey and Lime, life’s good and the drink even better!

A drink inspired by the Antestor track with the same name. It tastes light and fruity, but looks dark and eerie. Because isn’t Halloween about dressing up? Gin, Cherry in two ways, lemon, simple, egg white (or Aquafaba) and some activated charcoal. (note, activated charcoal might interfere with certain types of medication. Be careful if you’re using any and don’t overdo it)

Gin, Campari, Soda, again some cherry and all served over cracked ice. For the best effect, the cherry heering is poured in while serving your guests. If the liqueur is too difficult to find, cherry syrup might do the trick as well, yet adjust to taste, let’s not make it too sweet.

Dia De Los Muertos used to be celebrated in August rather than on Halloween, yet the European conquerers put some pressure and kind of merged it with the Catholic ‘All Hallow’s Eve’. A tribute to the deceased, using Tequila, Mezcal, Lemon, Agave and Some fresh raspberries. Not the scariest drink, but damn delicious.

Disclaimer: All pictures and text are property of Matthias Soberon / Served By Soberon. Nothing can be used or copied without written permission of the author and the addition of credits.

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