RECIPE: Old Fashioned Week 2018

It was in 1806 that The Balance and Columbian Repository answered an editorial question asking “what a ‘cocktail’ was“. Their answer: “A a stimulating liquor, composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water, and bitters.“.

Right then and there the ultimate template came into existence. Whatever happened before and whatever would happen in the following two centuries (until this day and age), got its characteristics. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a bartender, mixologist, cocktail consultant, or whatever: That fateful day in history marked the outlines of one of the essential cornerstones of alcoholic tipples.

The ‘Old Fashioned‘, which is essentially a drink built to meet the classic requirements of ‘the Cocktail’, didn’t exist back in te early 1800’s. You ordered ‘cocktails’, ‘improved cocktails’ and other mixed drinks with dashes and splashes of this and that added, with whatever name provided. For decades bartenders had already gotten creative with the addition of Syrups and Liqueurs (Yes, Jerry Thomas, you as well!) and ultimately it took until 1895, that in ‘Modern American Drinks‘, a book by George J. Kappeler, the ‘Brandy Old Fashioned’ appeared as the first published recipe for an ‘Old Fashioned Cocktail’.

The name referred to the old style of serving ‘the Cocktail’, making sure that its simple buildup would never be forgotten. And it didn’t. Anno 2018 it is still the best-selling cocktail in high-end bars worldwide.

The concept of ‘Old Fashioned Week‘, a 10 day celebration of this historical drink, was founded in 2015, in 2017 it got global and by now, over 1200 bars worldwide have joined in the festivities.

The organisation teamed up with six brands (Angostura Bitters from Trinidad, Havana Club 7 Rum from Cuba, Monkey Shoulder Whisky from the UK, Pierre Ferrand Cognac from France, Rhum JM from Martinique, Woodford Reserve Bourbon from the USA) and every where, including on social media, people have been challenged to serve their most creative or classic versions of ‘the father of cocktails’.

Thanks to local importers I was lucky enough to team up with all six brands as well, and today I am presenting you six drinks, each of them highlighting the beautiful flavors of the brands that are cooperating with the OFW Organisation. Have fun checking them out, I had a blast creating them.


I named this drink ‘THE OLD MEDICIN’. It’s a tryptich of Angostura products: The 1919 Rum, the Amaro and the Aromatic Bitters. Served up with a garnish of star anise. (Click on the picture for full recipe)

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THE OLD MEDICIN 💀 - 60ml Angostura 1919 Rum - 10ml Amaro di Angostura - 1-2 barspoons Cane Sugar Syrup - 1 Dash Angostura Bitters Stir / Strain / Express and discard Orange twist / Garnish with a star anise. 🍸🍸 Let's officially kick off my series of riffs on the classic Old Fashioned, in honor of Old Fashioned Week, with some beautiful @angosturahouse! 🇹🇹 In my 'Old Medicin', (hinting to the wellknown history of the bitters), both the Rum, Amaro AND Bitters of the Trinidadian brand are being used to create a warming, dark red, winter spiced twist on the Old Fashioned cocktail. 🥃 As a base, I used Angostura's '1919'. This expression is a multi-years blend that refers to a fire that burned down a warehouse of the Trini Government Rum Bond.🔥 Master distiller JB Fernandes (of Fernandes Distillery) bought the remaining casks which had been marked '1919', and the blend he made with them happened to be of such a quality that it became a permanent bottling 💪 even when in the 1970's House of Angostura took over Fernandes Distillery. . Upon tasting, for me the Rum mainly appeared to contain bourbon-esque characteristics (think slightly oaky, vanilla, some touches of orange) 🍊 faintly accompanied by roasted beans and coconut.🥥 I added the stunning @amarodiangostura, a dash of the world-renowned Aromatic Bitters and sweetened with some Cane Sugar Syrup.☀️ Even though it's definitely a twist on the Old Fashioned, it can't help but feel like there's a romance with a Rum version of a Black Manhattan going on. 😍 As I most often do with my stirred drinks, I serve my Old Fashioneds up rather than on the rocks, though feel free to serve them yourselves to your own preference. 🤷 Express and discard an orange twist and garnish with a star anise.🍁 Fall might've hit us at full force now, but this Old Medicin will be sure to comfort you! ❤️ Drinkstagram, happy FriYay! 🍸🍸 #cocktail #cocktails🍹 #drinkstagram #angostura #cocktailoclock #mixology #oldfashioned #bourbon #mixologist #gin #homebar #rum #cocktailoftheday #cocktailoclock #imbibe #imbibegram #coctel #craftcocktail #cocktails

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Combining Whisky with Maple Syrup, a homemade Pumpkin Spice Syrup and two type of Bitters, this is ‘THE OLD INJURY’. The name refers to the origin of the name ‘Monkey Shoulder’. (Click on the picture for full recipe and story)

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THE OLD INJURY 💀 - 60ml @monkeyshoulder Whisky - 1 barspoon Maple Syrup - 1 barspoon Homemade Pumpkin Spice Syrup - 2 Dashes @thebittertruthcompany Bogart's Bitters - 1 Dash Orange Bitters - Optional: a mist of Peaty Scotch at the end Stir properly / Strain over a single ice ball in a coupe / Express and garnish with lemon twist. 🍸🍸 Where do brands get the names for their products? Often it has to do with its founders, its origin (historical or geographical) or its main ingredient(s)... 🥃 yet sometimes the story is just a little bit more fun, as is the case with today's base spirit: Monkey Shoulder Whisky! 🐒 A 'Monkey Shoulder' was actually an injury suffered by the distillery workers when they were still manually turning the malting barley! The result: a typical shoulder affliction with a hanging arm. With better working conditions and less manual labor, the injury has become a thing of the past. 🐵 And while nowadays not many people know about this ancient practice (or care for the history and labor behind a product 🤷), luckily the name lives on, honoring the maltmen who suffered greatly so we had beautiful whisky to drink ❤️. . Monkey Shoulder is a blend of three single malt whiskies from the Speyside region: Balvenie, Glenfiddich and Kininvie 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿. All three Whiskies age in ex-Bourbon Casks, hence the flavor profile is rather sweet (caramel, vanilla, nougat) and citrus-fruity.🍋 It's extremely versatile to get mixing with, easily fitting a plethora of cocktails! 🍹 For my OF riff of the day, I went with a combination of 2 syrups (Maple, Pumpkin Spice) 🎃 and 2 bitters (Bogart's, Orange).🍊 I actually don't often drink Scotch Old Fashioneds, but I have to admit this one went down dangerously quickly. ❤️ Drinkstagram, cheers to the weekend! 🍸🍸 #cocktail #cocktails🍹 #drinkstagram #scotchwhisky #speyside #cocktailoclock #whiskylover #mixology #oldfashioned #mixologist #gin #homebar #cocktailoftheday #cocktailoclock #imbibe #imbibegram #whiskygram #craftcocktail #cocktails

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Cognac, Pedro Ximenez Sherry and Chocolate Bitters, a beautiful combination of bitter and sweet. The 1840 is an example of a three-star-cognac, an old style that knows its origin in the cocktail world, hence the name ‘THE OLD STYLE’. (Click on the picture for full recipe and story)

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THE OLD STYLE 🥃 - 60ml Pierre Ferrand 1840 - 10ml Gonzalez Byass Nectar PX - 3 Dashes @thebittertruthcompany Chocolate Bitters - Lightly Ground Sichuan pepper Stir all but pepper properly / Rim half of your most elegant glass with the Sichuan / Strain / Express and discard lemon twist. 🍸🍸 Made from 100% Grande Champagne grapes, @pierreferrandpf Cognacs are among the most highly praised in the industry.🍇 This '1840' is a rather young expression (it's a VS Cognac), yet with its 45% ABV highly favorable for use in cocktails.🍸 The Cognac is designed after a recipe for a '3 star Cognac' dating back to 1840. 3 Star Cognacs were a style of Brandy favored for mixing, rather than snifting it in large glasses while smoking cigars.🔥 Legends like Thomas, Embury, Kappeler and many more creating and publishing some beautiful recipes with it. . It was actually George Kappeler who included the 'Brandy Old Fashioned' in his 1895 'Modern American Drinks'.🇺🇸 His recipe is one of the earliest published writings actually coining the name 'Old Fashioned', rather than 'Cocktail' 🥃 refering to the 'old style' in which the classic 'cocktail' was made... Because by that time (almost 90 years after the legendary definition of the word 'Cocktail'), many bartenders were already experimenting with liqueurs and syrups, and Kappeler didn't want to exclude 'the original recipe'.🍹 In my drink I gave the Cognac a beautiful addition of PX Sherry, added Chocolate Bitters and finished with a rim of Sichuan Pepper 🍋 which actually adds some bright lemony aromas rather than heat (since it's actually closer related to citrus than peppers). Amazing in combination with the Cognac and Sherry. ❤️ Drinkstagram, have a beautiful Sunday! 🍸🍸 #cocktail #cocktails🍹 #drinkstagram #cognac #cocktailbar #cocktailoclock #champagne #instadrinks #mixology #mixologist #gin #homebar #ginoclock #cocktailoftheday #imbibe #cocktailtime #imbibegram #craftcocktail #cocktails

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Making an old fashioned with Agricole Rhum is divine. This time combined with the stunning Amaro Montenegro and Clement Creole Shrubb, a classic style of liqueur made with Agricole Rums and Orange Peels. ‘THE OLD FLAME’ is named after the second aging the rum undergoes in charred ex-broubon barrels. (Click on the picture for full recipe)

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THE OLD FLAME 🔥 - 60ml Rhum J.M. VO - 10ml Amaro Montenegro - 10ml Clement Creole Shrubb Stir properly / Strain / Express orange twist / Garnish with orange twist and Maraschino Cherry. 🍸🍸 Old Fashioned Week continues, and since yesterday, both Mezcal Week and Aquavit Week just started as well 😵 (can you still keep track? 🤪 If not, I have a calendar 😏 Slide in my DM's for more info). But before we might get crafty with some Agave or Nordic Spirits, I still have some twists on the classic OF to share! 🥃 Today I'm working with Martinique's 'Rhum JM', another official official partner of OFW2018, which I was kindly gifted to get crafty with. 🙏 Rhum JM is an Agricole (French) style Rhum, made from fresh sugarcane juice rather than sugarcane syrup or molasses 🌴 A style of Rhum which has absolutely stolen my heart, with Ti Punches being a go to dram whenever I get me another bottle. . This VO has aged for a minimum of three years, first on new oak, then on charred ex-Bourbon barrels.🍹 The typical funky grassy vibes of unaged Agricoles have smoothened a bit, yet made place for quite some raw wooden undertones.😍 All accompanied by a touch of spice & florality, with a sweet vibe of fruit and caramel at the end.😊 In today's twist, I combined it with alternatives for the bitter and sweetener: first up, the floral, fruity yet bitter Amaro Montenegro 🇮🇹 and secondly, the funky Clement Creole Shrubb, a liqueur made by blending aged and unaged Agricoles with spices and bitter orange peels.🍊 The result was a vibrant, funky and highly commendable riff on a classic. ❤️ Drinkstagram, wishing you a fabulous week! 🍸🍸 #cocktail #cocktails🍹 #drinkstagram #cocktailoclock #instadrinks #mixology #mixologist #gin #homebar #rhum #rum #cocktailoftheday #imbibe #cocktailtime #imbibegram #classiccocktails #craftcocktail #coctel #cocktails

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This Bourbon Old Fashioned is an example of an interactive cocktail, served to guests and letting them do part of the work. It’s a fun way to add a wow-factor and an ‘oooh’ effect. Hence the name ‘THE OLD CRAFT’. Served with a rock-candy stirrer. (Click on the picture for full recipe)

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THE OLD CRAFT - 60ml Woodford Reserve Bourbon - 10ml Vanilla-Ginger Syrup - 1 dash Chocolate Bitters - 1 piece of Rock Candy soaked in Bittered Sling's Kensington Aromatic Bitters Add first three ingredients to a little decanter / Pour in ice-filled glass / Express and garnish with orange twist / Stir with the Rock Candy. 🍸🍸 What is your favourite base spirit for an 'Old Fashioned'? Please leave your answer in the comments, I'd love to know! ⬇️ We're over halfway through Old Fashioned Week 2018 (already?! 😭) and it's amazing to see how we all prefer our own little go-to custom version of the classic Cocktail.🥃 Today I'm sharing a new twist with Woodford Reserve, a beautiful Bourbon with a lovely hint of spicy Rye 🌾 which I discovered when ordering my first Mint Julep (I wanted to keep that cup so badly 😁). . Today's drink is an example of how I got playing with interactive serves.🔥 A well-crafted drink is still the most amazing thing to serve (even if it's just for friends) 🍸 BUT a little 'wow-factor' or 'interactive fun' on the menu never hurts either.✨ This cocktail is served as a 'DIY-cocktail kit': A glass filled with fresh ice, a 'premix' in a little vessel next to it, accompanied by the orange peel and the Rock Candy.💖 I let them pour the liquid over the ice, express the orange 🍊 and finally stir the drink, themselves. This way they feel in control of crafting, diluting and adding the final touch to their own Old Fashioned Cocktail. 🤗 And don't worry about the rock candy, it doesn't dissolve/sweeten your drink much at all. ❤️ Drinkstagram, you're awesome! 🍸🍸 #cocktail #cocktails🍹 #cocktailoclock #instadrinks #drinkstagram #mixology #whiskeygram #whiskylover #woodfordreserve #mixologist #cocktailoftheday #imbibe #cocktailtime #imbibegram #bourbon #oldfashioned #whisky

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A Rum that takes me back to when I first started looking for something else than Gin and Spiced Rums, it was easy to find, had depth, and didn’t cost an arm and a leg. With it, I made ‘THE OLD HARBOR’, reminiscent of Havana. I’m not a smoker in any way, but I wouldn’t mind others smoke a good cigar in my presence while drinking this one. (Click on the picture for full recipe)

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THE OLD HARBOR - 60ml Havana Club 7 - 10ml Orange Oleo Saccharum - 1 dash Angostura Orange Bitters - 1 dash Angostura Aromatic Bitters - 1 dash Absinthe Stir / Strain / Serve up / Garnish with orange twist and Maraschino dropped in. 🍸🍸 I'm rocking Old Fashioneds for the sixth day in a row now, and I truly hope you're still enjoying the ride!🥃 Since OFW lasts 10 days, I do have some more tricks up my sleeve. (Remember I told it's also Mezcal Week? 😏) But before we leave for Oaxaca, let's take a trip to Havana, Cuba.🇨🇺 Today's Old Fashioned is made with the last official partner of this Theme Week: Havana Club 7, the first premium expression in the range of the highly popular Cuban Rums (Sorry, American friends 🙈). . I have very fond memories of this Havana 7, as it was the first 'Rum' that I started drinking in my early twenties. (after only drinking Gin and Spiced Rums).😁 This was about 8-9 years ago, when I was still a student, and it was the 'easiest accessible premium rum' I could afford.😎💸 After I started with SBS I kind of neglected this dark Cuban beauty, until a couple of weeks ago, I got a new bottle in.🍹 When I unscrewed the cap, memories flooded my mind with the aromas of tobacco, wood and slight varnish filling the room.🔥 All followed by a rather full mouthfeel of the same flavors, with hints of sweet fruitiness and some vanilla joining.✨ In this drink, I went for a support of Orange Oleo, dual Ango Bitters and a tiny bit of Absinthe, letting nostalgia hit me gently with each sip I took.💖 Ah, the past, sometimes I love it when you chase me.😍 Drinkstagram, what spirit takes you on memory lane?! 🍸🍸 #cocktail #cocktails🍹 #cocktailoclock #rum #instadrinks #drinkstagram #rhum #mixology #mixologist #havanaclub #cocktailoftheday #imbibe #cocktailparty #cocktailtime #gin #imbibegram #homebar #classiccocktails #craftcocktail #cocktails

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Disclaimer: All pictures, text and recipes are property of Matthias Soberon / Served By Soberon. Nothing can be used or copied without written permission of the author and the addition of credits.



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