THE HOLIDAYS BY SOBERON: Edge Of Belgravia Knives

The Holidays are quickly approaching, meaning we’re all starting to feel the pressure of finding the right gifts, which, let’s be honest, can be a real Sisyphean task… family get-togethers, Secret Santas, NewYear Gifts, Dinnerparties you can’t attend empty-handed, and that’s just if you don’t have any birthdays mid-December and on…

If you feel you’re breaking out in a sweat, then take a deep breath: I’m going to be here to give you some quality tips, hooking you up with a possible range of awesome gifts for anyone that is remotely interested in the world of booze and mixology, all under the moniker ‘The Holidays By Soberon‘.

Today’s recommendation is the least ‘boozy’ one of the bunch, but by all means, one that has been one of the best assets to my homebar ever since I got crafty: Meet the Edge Of Belgravia knives-sets.


At home I have the Arondight set, a full range of 7 knives, including a slicing knife, 2 chef knives, a filleting knife and a paring knife. All of which I use for cutting up fresh ingredients like lime wedges, pineapple chunks or different herbs and slicing citrus peels into the garnishwork you often see on my drinks.

In my interview with The Dram Attic, I even talked about the importance of decent knives in a homebar, as part of getting your homebar Holiday-Season Proof: “Nothing as bad as trying to slice fresh fruit or prep your garnishes with a blunt knife. Sharp knives are life.

And this is where it gets really cool: As awesome as they are, the people from Edge of Belgravia spontaneously decided to give me a discount code to share! When purchasing their Galatine Range, the same set of knives I have, but with a stunning black finish, use SERVED30 for a full 30% off!

Stay tuned for more Holiday-Recommendations, I’ve got some more beauties coming your way!


Disclaimer 1: All pictures and text are property of Matthias Soberon / Served By Soberon. Nothing can be used or copied without written permission of the author and the addition of credits.

Disclaimer 2: These ‘Holiday-Recommendations’ are entirely personal and all chosen by me. These are in no way paid promotions or recommendations that were chosen for me in stead of by me.

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