As The Holidays are getting closer and closer, we’ve probably all made our list of ‘people we need to find the most perfect gifts for‘. And while reading this you probably thought of another person you were forgetting… Oh, boy… the struggle is real for all of us!

In the spirit of helping each other out a bit, I’m writing ‘The Holidays By Soberon‘, a series of blogposts, each bearing a gift idea that I personally recommend (and definitely wouldn’t mind receiving myself either. Ha!).


Today’s recommendation is as ‘Christmas’ as it gets: A box of HenTho Gin Baubles, part fun, part delicious and part decorative. Did anyone say ‘versatile use’?!

About Hentho
HenTho is a Belgian brand founded by father (Hendrik) and son (Thomas). Throughout the years they have released three gins: HenTho Classic, HenTho Noah Edition and HenTho Pink. Three completely different products, each with their own signature botanicals in the aromatic lead, but all made with the same solid base, making them recognizable as a ‘family of three’. (Note: the Pink gin is everything but the ‘berry infused pink gins we’ve seen allover the place the past year, it’s a ‘citrus and spice’-forward gin, coming in a pink bottle).


About the Baubles
This year, Hendrik and Thomas decided to go full on festive and released a set of six Baubles, two of each HenTho expression, in a custom cardboard box. The baubles come in yellow, red and green, with a customized ribbon for easy ‘tree hanging’. After doing a little ‘weight’-test I can fully guarantee that they stay in place perfectly. And hey… if they won’t… then just have a Gin-Tonic! Perfect!


The Gin Baubles can be found on GinTonicStore, at the recommended price of €34,95. A fun present, whether it’s for yourself (You know you want new tree-decoration) or whomever you’re buying gifts for!

Stay tuned for more Holiday-Recommendations!


Disclaimer 1: All pictures and text are property of Matthias Soberon / Served By Soberon. Nothing can be used or copied without written permission of the author and the addition of credits.

Disclaimer 2: These ‘Holiday-Recommendations’ are entirely personal and all chosen by me. While some items might have been gifted, these are in no way paid promotions or recommendations that were chosen for me in stead of by me.

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