RECIPES: Game of Thrones Cocktails

Coming Sunday, Winter will consume us all, as the first episode of the final season of Game of Thrones will air globally!

I was asked by Telenet Play (the official partner of HBO in Belgium) to become one of the four official ‘Game of Thrones’ Ambassadors, together with stand-up comedian William Boeva, DJ Duo Compact Disk Dummies and Beauty guru Sabine Peeters.

Read the article (in Dutch) here!

My task was to create three cocktails with ‘White Walker by Johnnie Walker’, inspired by characters, events or locations of the Game of Thrones-world, which can be easily replicated by anyone at home! I will be making these drinks on the official GOT Premiere in cocktailbar ‘Black Smoke’ (Antwerp), which will transform into a dedicated ‘Game of Thrones’ pop-up bar for the duration of the season!

Now, enough said, let’s move on to the recipes:

Inspired by the inevitable coming of the Night’s King, this Whisky Sour-style cocktail is ready to make you feel how cold Winter can be. Not served in Dragon Glass, but an approachable combination of flavors and a real visual crowdpleaser.

– 50ml White Walker by Johnnie Walker Whisky
– 25ml Lemon Juice
– 15ml Blue Curacao
– 10ml Simple Syrup

How to:
1) Shake all with ice
2) Strain in a large tumbler filled with crushed ice, top with more ice if necessary
3) Garnish with mint and blueberries, make it snow with powdered sugar.

… is always paid. At times the riches of the Lannisters knew no boundaries, and you either met their wealth or the pointy end of their swords. This Manhattan-style cocktail brings you a blood-oath, with gold floating on top. The most complex of three drinks, strong, a little smokey and with Vermouth as a link to Tyrion’s love for wine.

– 60ml White Walker by Johnnie Walker Whisky
– 30ml Belsazar Red Vermouth
– 2 dashes Aromatic Bitters
– 1 spray of Lagavulin 16 (Peated Whisky)

How to:
1) Stir all but the last ingredient with ice in a mixing glass
2) Strain in chilled coupe glass
3) Spray the peated whisky over the result and garnish with 3 drops of gold oil*

*Mix edible gold glitter with extra virgin olive oil. This will result in a luxurious looking oil that makes sure all flavors have a longer lifespan, while sipping this cocktail.

Inspired by the winged children of Daenerys Targaryen, the Dragon’s Egg is a twist on the classic Whisky Highball. The Mother of Dragons herself would love this fiery drink, that comes with an egg* as garnish (*chocolate, no dragons to hatch).

– 50ml White Walker by Johnnie Walker Whisky
– 15ml Orange Juice
– 15ml Lemon Juice
– 100ml Ginger Beer

How to:
1) Add all but ginger beer to a highball glass with ice and stir to combine
2) Slowly add the Ginger Beer and give one last gentle stir
3) Garnish with a chocolate egg and sprig of rosemary*

*For an extra level of flavor, give the Rosemary a quick burn before serving.

Hope you enjoy the drinks! Let me know when you end up making them and tag me on Instagram!


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