RECIPES: An Apple a Day…

… Might keep the doctor away, but also gives some inspiration to create new drinks, and that’s even better! 😀 Ha!

Alright, on to the matter of the day: Recently I received the question whether I was interested in a #collab, working with the South-Tyrol based Marlene apples in my cocktails. A fun request, since it doesn’t happen that often that ‘non-liquids’ get in touch to be featured in drinks. Yet I do love using apple as an edible garnish when creating cocktails, so I said I’d gladly take them in and give them a spin in a series of drinks.

The Marlene Apples, whether it were the Granny Smiths or Royal Gala, were perfectly juicy, full of flavor and beautiful in texture, quality traits acquired by the unique weather in the Swiss Alps. Hence there’s the ‘Mela Alto Adige IGP (Indicazione Geografica Protetta)’, quality indicator, exclusively linked to the region.

After trying out the four apple varieties, and afterwards sampling some spirits, liqueurs and wines next to them (How can I not love this hobby?) I present to you the results:


1. Rambullion
(garnished with the Marlene Granny Smith)

– 60ml/2oz ‘Intrepid Ram’ Spiced Rum
– 30ml/1oz ‘Graham’s’ 10yo Tawny Port
– 1 dash Aromatic Bitters

Stir with plenty of ice
Strain in a chilled glass
Garnish with Granny Smith and a blackberry


2. To The Moon And Back
(garnished with the Marlene Royal Gala)

– 30ml/1oz Navy Strength Gin
– 30ml/1oz Gentian Liqueur
– 15ml/½oz Yellow Chartreuse
– 15ml/½oz Pommeau de Normandie
– 1/3 pipet Fennel and Citrus Bitters

1. Stir ingredients with plenty of ice
2. Strain in a chilled coupe
3. Garnish with a slice of Royal Gala and Gorgonzola!


3. Classic Port-Tonic
(paired with the Marlene Red Delicious)

– 60ml/2oz Graham’s White (Dry) Port
– 100-150ml/3-5oz Dry Tonic
– 2 dashes Apple Bitters

1. Add Port to an ice-filled, chilled glass
2. Add tonic and gently stir
3. Garnish with a slice of Red Delicious
4. Serve with a pairing of Blue Cheese, Red Delicious and Walnuts


4. Salvation
(Created with the Marlene Golden Delicious)

– 60ml/2oz Dry Gin
– 15ml/½oz Elderflower Liqueur
– 20ml/¾oz Lemon Juice
– 10ml/⅓oz Simple Syrup
– 1/4 Golden Delicious Apple

1. Slice and dice the apple
2. Muddle in shaker and add other ingredients
3. Shake with lots of ice
4. Double strain in glass and garnish with Golden Delicious and mint

Find all recipes on my Instagram page as well, where you can follow me for daily inspiration. Let me know if you end up reshaking one of my creations!

Here’s to a fab Summer, cheers!

Disclaimer: The apples of Marlene were a promotional package, as were some of the other ingredients used in my drinks, yet none of the ingredients came with obligations or limitations to my work. All pictures, recipes, opinions and text are property of Matthias Soberon / Served By Soberon. Nothing can be used or copied without written permission of the author and the addition of full credits.

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