HUZZAH! The annual Holiday Season is getting closer! And for the fourth time in a row, I will be organizing the global Instagram event ‘SECRET SANTÉ’!

From today (November 6) until December 1, you’ll be able to sign up and join the experience of giving and receiving!

What is Secret Santé?
It works exactly like a regular ‘Secret Santa’: Everyone who decides to join will (anonymously) get an account assigned, by me, of another person that has joined.

It is then up to you to create ‘a tribute drink’ for that assigned person, and (logically) you will also be receiving a tribute drink yourself, from a random person that was assigned your name.

It does NOT matter how many followers you have, how active you are or where in the world you are located, this is all about being part of a beautiful global community. 

There are only 3 base requirements: 
1) You have to have a PUBLIC (not private) account, so everyone has access to your photos.
2) Your account has to clearly contain content related to spirits and/or creating cocktails.
3) Your account has to post original content (no curating or repost accounts can join in.)

I sadly can’t make any exceptions to these three rules.

What is expected from you if you join?
1) You have to create 1 (one) drink for the person you are assigned. You’re supposed to keep this a secret for everyone, so when you finally upload your drink, only then is revealed which fellow Drinkstagrammer you had and what drink you made in honor of him/her. Hurrah! Fun times AND surprises!

(You get complete creative freedom to post whatever tipple you want: whether it’s a cocktail, a Gin-Tonic, a dram of Whisky or even a mocktail… Just make sure that in one way or another, you’re ‘honoring’ the person you got assigned (the more personal you make your drink, the better!)

2) You have to use the hashtag #SecretSanté (mind the é!) and both tag and mention the person you’re creating your drink for AND me (@ServedBySoberon). This way both your Santé and I are sure to be notified of your submission! (Because of time differences, overnight posts are sometimes overlooked and that would be too bad!).

3) Your drink should be uploaded between the 15th and the 31st of December 2020.

(IF because of any reason you’re having issues creating a drink, or having issues with the timespan,
just get in touch with me, I’m following up everything as closely as possible and
will make sure there’s a solution for everyone and everything.)

What do you get in return?
Someone else will be going through the exact same process, creating a custom drink for you as well! This way we’re spreading the Holiday Spirit, proving once again that we’re a fun community that really goes the extra mile for each other, and hey, who doesn’t like a drink dedicated to them!

How do you join?
Get in touch with me via Instagram DM! Make sure you get a confirmation!! Last year we had 170+ people joining in, let’s see if this year we can reach that number again!

Submission can be made UNTIL the 1st of December, so I can get back to everyone as soon as possible, with their assigned name (This will be by the 7th Dec at the latest) 

Cheers to the Holiday Spirit!

Disclaimer: Even though I am ‘the person behind the event’, I am not responsible for the creation of the drinks, nor the fact everyone commits to creating their drink. Though I promise that if, for whatever reason, your ‘Secret Santé’ fails to upload a drink, I personally will create a drink for you in the aftermath. No one will be left behind!

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