INTRO: Difford’s By Soberon

Alright, here goes. From now on (mid June) through the rest of the year I’ll be sharing ALL the cocktails that make up the famous (2020 edition of) DIFFORD’S GUIDE ‘WORLD TOP 100’ here and on my Instagram page.

The ‘Difford’s Top 100‘ is list, annually compiled by Simon Difford, of the hundred most popular drinks of his renowned website, which consists of about 5000 recipes. So it’s safe to say that if a drink makes it to the Top 100, it has had at least ‘some’ impact on bartenders, home bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts worldwide, and definitely reveals certain trends emerging that year. (fun fact for those who love numbers: DG has no less than 4.4 million pageviews per month!)

The reason I took on this personal challenge is because I wanted to taste and understand what ‘random people’ are looking for the most, whatever their experience is with the ‘art of mixology’. I wanted to shake up the good and the bad, the classy and the tacky, the boring and exciting, the known and unknown… all drinks recreated exactly like published on the website.

And believe me, after making all 100 drinks I can tell you it was quite the rollercoaster for my palate. Yes, the usual suspects were there, but I’m sure many of you will be surprised a couple of times by which ‘obscure’ drinks are actually far from ‘unpopular’ and which atrocious drinks made it, while so many great cocktails didn’t.

To properly inform you about what I thought of these drinks, I’ll be rating all of them out of 5 and add a brief review about what made me give that specific score. These ratings are 100% personal and are made from my perspective. Sometimes I’ll add why some drinks could deserve a slightly higher or lower score depending on your own preferences

Important note: None of the drinks in this Top 100 were created as ‘sponsored content’, so while Difford’s does suggest certain brands, I refrained from doing so, unless it’s a key factor to the taste of the drink (like Green Chartreuse or Angostura Bitters).

Important note 2: This was not done as a promotional stunt by/for Difford’s Guide. It’s just been me, going a bit crazy

For everyone on Instagram: Follow the hashtag #DiffordsBySoberon to keep track of this journey!

Happy sipping!
Cheers, Matthias

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