WIN: Pineau Des Charentes

Recently I was asked by the team of Pineau Des Charentes Belgium to come up with a variation on the ‘N°17’, a signature way of serving Pineau Blanc, where the French Aperitif is combined with a Ginger Ale and a splash of Lime, highball style.

After some consideration I enhanced the Pineau and Lime with Rhum Agricole Ambré and Grapefruit Juice, switched the Ginger Ale to a Syrup and ultimately turned it into the:

– 60ml/2oz Pineau Blanc
– 10ml/0.33oz Rhum Agricole Ambré
– 20-25ml/0.75oz Pink Grapefruit Juice
– 10ml/0.33oz Lime Juice
– 1 barspoon Ginger Syrup

1) Add ingredients to glass
2) Fill 2/3 with crushed ice

3) Swizzle (churn) with Swizzle Stick or Barspoon until cold
4) Add more crushed ice
5) Garnish with pink grapefruit and mint

What made the search for this drink’s balance so interesting is that I was challenged to create a cocktail that worked perfectly with both the Pineau Blanc of Dhiersat, and with the one of Domaine Du Chêne. While they’re both ‘the same type of product’, I don’t think I have to explain that two Wines, Whiskies, Rums, Gins etc… are exactly alike.

Competition Time!
And now I am happy to announce that in collaboration with Pineau des Charentes Belgium, I can give away a bottle of Pineau Des Charentes Dhiersat and Domaine Du Chêne, to two of my thirsty readers!

All you’ve got to do is tell me how you would combine Pineau in a cocktail and email a recipe to me at! The team of Pineau Des Charentes Belgium and I will then pick our two favorite recipes, and those will be the lucky ones to receive their bottle! No follows, shares or tags required!

Good luck!


Disclaimer: This giveaway is part of a paid collaboration between Matthias Soberon and Pineau Des Charentes Belgium. Yet all pictures and text are property of Matthias Soberon / Served By Soberon. Nothing can be used or copied without written permission of the author and the addition of full credits.

This competition is open to anyone in the EU and closes 25 Dec. 2021. The winner(s) must be of legal drinking age in their country of residence. The winner(s) will be contacted by Matthias Soberon, yet the delivery of bottles will be done by Pineau Des Charentes Belgium. There will be 2 winners, receiving one (1) bottle of Pineau each. The winner(s) can not choose which bottle they will receive, nor can this be switched to a monetary compensation.

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