RECIPE: 7 X Sherry Week

This week’s series of drinks was all about Sherry, as October 8-14 is known as International Sherry Week. In collaboration with Cinoco and Gonzalez Byass, I created seven different cocktails, each time with a specific style of Sherry. The drinks I made ranged from straight up and boozy to lower ABV highball style drinks, with […]

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RECIPE: Drinks of the Week (40)

This week was all about giving back. The ‘Drinkstagram’ community is an endless source of inspiration and brings new knowledge and ideas on a daily basis. With #TributeToTheGram I let people send in their own creations they were proud of and in return I chose seven (each with a different base spirit) to reshake. The […]

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RECIPE: Drinks of the Week (39)

This week I’ve posted a diverse range of drinks, quite some difference in base spirits, from working with Agave (which I don’t often use), to Cane Sugar and Rye! There was a drink contest held with Infamous and one of the drinks won 3rd place in the Home Bar Awards. Enjoy this week’s #Drinkspiration! Cheers, […]

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RECIPE: Drinks of the Week (38)

It appears Autumn really hit my account with a bang. Every single recipe was inspired by Fall in one way or another, with some beautiful spirits and liqueurs being used. I’m really loving these warmer tones and can’t wait to get even more creative! See you next week for more #Drinkspiration! Cheers, Matthias! Monday: Kaiteur […]

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BAR VISIT: Cafe Theatre, Gent (NL)

Ruben Patoor en Cleopatra Vandewalle ontvangen mij op een zonnige zondagmiddag in Café Theatre, een cocktailbar gelegen in het hart van Gent, naast de Opera op de Kouter. De bar heeft een rijke geschiedenis; heel wat bartenders en brand-ambassadors uit Gent en omstreken stonden er op een zeker punt in hun carrière met shaker en […]

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RECIPE: The Bastille Sour (NL)

Onlangs sloeg ik de handen in elkaar met French Food & Beverages, dit is een initiatief van de Franse overheid om mensen meer bekend te maken met Franse streekproducten. Ze vroegen mij om met Grand Marnier, de alomgekende sinaasappel- en cognaclikeur een cocktail te maken. Grand Marnier is een 19e eeuwse likeur die haar oorsprong […]

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