JOIN: Secret Santé 2018

The annual Holiday Season is upon us, which means lots of food, lots of gifts and lots of drinking, whether boozy or not! But, just like last year, I will organizing my most precious Global Drinkstagram Event again as well: SECRET SANTÉ! And from today until the 7th of December, you’ll be able to sign up […]

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Old Fashioned Week 2018 (ENG)

It was in 1806 that The Balance and Columbian Repository answered an editorial question asking “what a ‘cocktail’ was“. Their answer: “A a stimulating liquor, composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water, and bitters.“. Right then and there the ultimate template came into existence. Whatever happened before and whatever would happen in the following two centuries (until […]

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6 Spooky Drink Recipes (ENG)

Are spooky drinks only created during the end of October? For most people it seems like it, but I personally love serving them all year round. (Hence the amount of skulls, bones and chains in my drinks-pictures #SorryNotSorry). Yet since it’s Halloween and all of you are a bit more eerie right now than you […]

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Alchemistbox – Hierbas De Las Dunas (NL)

Vorig jaar lanceerde het Belgische Alchemistbox 3 cocktail-kits (waaronder de uitverkochte ‘Belgian Americano‘, die ik als een van mijn eerste blogberichten op Served By Soberon besprak), maar daarna werd het wat windstil. Ricardo, de drijvende kracht achter het bedrijf, had enkele andere projecten lopen die prioriteit kregen. Om uiteindelijk het concept geen stille dood te […]

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Drinks of the Week #40 (Eng)

This week was all about giving back. The ‘Drinkstagram’ community is an endless source of inspiration and brings new knowledge and ideas on a daily basis. With #TributeToTheGram I let people send in their own creations they were proud of and in return I chose seven (each with a different base spirit) to reshake. The […]

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Drinks of the Week #39 (Eng)

This week I’ve posted a diverse range of drinks, quite some difference in base spirits, from working with Agave (which I don’t often use), to Cane Sugar and Rye! There was a drink contest held with Infamous and one of the drinks won 3rd place in the Home Bar Awards. Enjoy this week’s #Drinkspiration! Cheers, […]

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Drinks of the Week #38 (Eng)

It appears Autumn really hit my account with a bang. Every single recipe was inspired by Fall in one way or another, with some beautiful spirits and liqueurs being used. I’m really loving these warmer tones and can’t wait to get even more creative! See you next week for more #Drinkspiration! Cheers, Matthias! Monday: Kaiteur […]

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