The annual Holiday Season is getting closer! And for the third time in a row, I will be organizing the global Instagram event ‘SECRET SANTÉ’! From today (November 15) until the 1st of December, you’ll be able to sign up, by getting in touch with me through Instagram! Join, and experience the joy of giving […]

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With exactly two months left till Christmas I’m proud to say that I’ve partnered up with Maison Maille to inspire both you & myself, to get some Mustard-action going on, building up to the most wonderful time of the year! La Maison Maille, founded about 265 years ago by Antoine Maille, is world renowned for its craftmanship, […]



Welcome to the very first Guest Article on Served By Soberon! Once in a while I get requests and submissions to publish guest-articles here on SBS. While in the past I didn’t know whether this was a fit for what I had in mind with Served, I have decided that I actually like the concept of […]


RECIPE: Candico Sugars of the World

In collaboration with Native Nation and Candico – Sugars of the World, I’m bringing you three recipes made with their organic Coconut Blossom Sugar. In order to utilize the Sugar in drinks most efficiently, I opted to create both a simple Coconut Blossom syrup (equal parts sugar and water) and a rich Coconut Blossom syrup […]

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ARTICLE: Boilermakers and Beer-Cocktails with SBS and Perfect Draft

I’m delighted to announce that, in collaboration with The Beer Hawk, Hopt and their PerfectDraft-tap machine, I occasionally will be sharing boilermakers and beer-cocktails here at Served By Soberon! Boilermakers (Beer and Spirit pairings), are awesome when carefully combined, as both the flavors in the beer and spirit will be lifted to new heights! And they’re […]

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RECIPE: An Apple a Day…

… Might keep the doctor away, but also gives some inspiration to create new drinks, and that’s even better! 😀 Ha! Alright, on to the matter of the day: Recently I received the question whether I was interested in a #collab, working with the South-Tyrol based Marlene apples in my cocktails. A fun request, since it […]

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INTERVIEW: Meet @WelcomeToMyBar

I’ve been doing the #Drinkstagram-thing with @ServedBySoberon since early 2017, and one of the few people that has been around since ‘the early days’ is Federico Capilli, better known as @WelcomeToMyBar. Fede features both his own recipes and introduces us droolingly to the menus served at a selection of bars, quite often Amsterdam-based (since that’s […]

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ARTICLE: Born in Cuba, raised in the Dominican: Ron Matusalem

#Reclame due to the mentioning and visibility of brands. See last paragraph for more info. — Ask anyone to name several countries connected to Rum and the answers will be allover the place. There’s the common ones like Cuba, Jamaica and possibly Barbados. Some might mention Trinidad, Martinique, Venezuela, Guadeloupe or Nicaragua. Maybe they’ve heard […]

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